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Extended Opportunity for Failing Students

Extended Opportunity Program


The Lancaster High School Extended Opportunity Program will be offered to freshman students who have failed their ninth grade English, History, Math or Science class.  By completing the program, a student may earn a passing grade of D in a course that they failed in the first grading period.  This opportunity to raise a student’s grade is offered to freshmen students because a failing grade in the first nine weeks places a student in serious jeopardy of failing for the entire year.  A second failing grade in another grading period will likely result in a failing grade for the year, as it takes a C (not a C-) to make up for each F a student receives in a grading period.


Failing a core subject (English, History, Math or Science) in the freshman year has serious consequences for students.  These courses must be passed in order for a student to be eligible for Career Technology programs that students register for next year.  The only other ways to make up courses before next school year is to attend summer school for 3 ½ hours each day for 20 days for each failed course at a cost of at least $100.00 per course, or take correspondence classes at home for a similar cost.  In contrast, the Extended Opportunity Program is offered to students free of charge. 



Additional Info

Students may be enrolled in the Extended Opportunity Program by calling the LancasterHigh School Guidance Office at 681-7530.