Career Clusters

_____  AGRICULTURE SCIENCE & BUSINESS:  LHS - Rooms 410 & 412

Agricultural Science is a basic agriculture course consisting of plant science (lawns, vegetables, flowers, corn, forages, and cereal grains), soil science, environmental science, parliamentary procedure, public speaking, woodworking, an introduction to welding, and an introduction to the Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization.  Develop agricultural business competencies in the following areas in order to prepare students for gainful employment in the entry level (or higher) jobs: production of food and fiber; safety; sales and services; entrepreneurship; customer relations; communication skills (written and oral); computer technology and the legal aspects of agriculture. Encourage and develop students’ skills in academic areas of math and science.

_____  Auto:  LHS - Auto Shop

Students will develop hands-on skills in Brakes, Steering and Suspension, Engine performance and Electrical.  Each day will consist of two hours of actual hands-on training supported by one hour of classroom work directly related to automotive repair and the science involved.  All tasks are ASE approved by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and recognized by industry as those necessary to gain successful employment in the field.  In addition, seniors in the Auto technology program may take advantage of job placement or early placement program.  Students will develop skills at one of the area dealerships or independent repair shops between their junior and senior year and continue their work experience during their senior year taking morning classes and spending the afternoon on the job.  Advanced placement allows students to leave during their lab time if they meet the eligibility requirements.  The early placement program starts the second nine weeks of their senior year where students will gain real world experience at a local job site in place of their lab time.  Each of these programs allows students to earn money while in training and often resulting in full time employment after graduation.  The Auto Technology program has articulation agreements with colleges to continue students learning experience beyond high school.  Seniors have the opportunity to compete in various contests held during the year.  These students will compete against other schools in the Fort AAA, Columbus Auto Dealers and SkillsUSA.

_____  Broadcasting:  STANBERY - Auditorium

Broadcasting is designed to introduce students to the many aspects of multi-media.  Students will learn video camera operations, editing, lighting, audio production, and computer graphics.  Students will learn all aspects of video production including on-camera and behind the scenes.  Students will also work on the LSN at least 10 hours each nine weeks.

_____  Building and Property Trades:  LHS - Room 419-2

Building and Property Trades Program is designed for students who wish to obtain hands-on job specific skills.  The program includes a variety of skill-building activities to increase employability opportunities.  Areas of study include:  Electrical, Plumbing, Masonry, Framing, roofing, Wood Working, Landscaping, Hand Tools and Power Tools, Employability Skills, Career Exploration and Safety.  Students can obtain National Certification in these areas of study through NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) along with earning college credits.  Join us and get started learning an exciting and rewarding profession.

_____  Business Management II:  LHS - Rooms 451 & 500

This course is ideally suited for the college-bound students who want a better understanding of business, effective team-working skills, and preparation to accept a leadership role in a business organization. Students will acquire skills in organization, leadership, planning, interpersonal communications, delegating, supervision, resource management and policymaking/implementation.  In addition, the class will concentrate on business simulations and case studies.  Effective management is the foundation of a successful business or organization.

_____  CARPENTRY:  LHS – Room 414

Due to increasing employment opportunities for skilled trade’s craftspeople, carpentry continues to be a popular career choice.  The Carpentry program is designed to assist students in developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills required of carpenters engaged in residential and industrial construction.  First year students (juniors) develop skills in safety, tool use, material selection and construction techniques.  First year students will be using the NCCER curriculum to complete the Core Construction requirements for national certifications.  All certifications use a written and a performance test assessment.  Second year students (seniors) demonstrate their skills in lab through written and performance tests, and hands-on construction of a variety of projects.  Students apply their knowledge and skills by building a habitat for humanity house.  Students will spend the first nine weeks and the fourth nine weeks working on the habitat house job site.  Second year students use the NCCER curriculum to complete Carpentry Fundamentals level 1 certificates.  Upon successful completion of this program, students will have many employment opportunities and can earn up to 12 hours of college credit.




_____  Cosmetology:  LHS - Room 505

Graduate from high school and immediately begin a career in Cosmetology!  The two-year Cosmetology program gives you the opportunity to become a licensed cosmetologist in the State of Ohio.  In addition to having your license, you may continue your education with college.  Completing the licensure credits 15 hours to colleges in Ohio.  Get hands-on experience while you are in school.  Students apply their knowledge to design, cut, color and perm hair; give manicures; apply artificial nails; do facials and make-up applications.  Most students begin employment in the cosmetology field upon graduation.

_____  Culinary Arts Program:  STANBERY - Room 111 & Cafeteria

Culinary Arts is designed to prepare creative and energetic students who want to become Chefs for advanced entry into culinary school or for entry-level jobs in the hospitality industry.  Students will learn basic cooking and knife skills, as well as methods for preparing a variety of foods.  The course of study includes topics such as the use and care of commercial equipment, food safety and sanitation, catering, food preparation of fruit and vegetables, breads, cakes, pastries, food garnishes and entrees. The program focuses on the hands on practice of academic, technical and leadership skills.  Career opportunities include sous chef, line cook, baker, restaurant management trainee, and entrepreneur.  The program began in August 2008 and is currently in the process of negotiating articulation and dual enrollment agreements with area colleges to enable students to earn college credit.  The course also prepares students to earn industry certifications such as Serv Safe.  Students will have the opportunity to work with industry professionals, operate “Golden Gales Galley”, compete for scholarships in culinary competitions and through service projects step up to take their place as a vital part of the Lancaster community.

_____  Diversified Cooperative Training (DCT):  LHS – Room 170*This program is offered to SENIORS ONLY

DCT is a course designed to provide students with individual study and on-the-job training in skilled or semi-skilled trade and health occupations not offered as a regular career-technical education subject at Lancaster High School.  Two periods per day are spent in the DCT classroom where the student has an opportunity to study materials associated with his or her special area of interest, and the psychology necessary for success in one’s career.  In the afternoon, students will be permitted to leave the building for employment in his/her chosen occupation, or some related work.  Employment must be approved by the DCT Coordinator.  The training will assist the student in attaining their stated career goal.

_____  HEALTH Tech Prep I:  STANBERY – Rooms 207 & 208

Medical Tech Prep students will prepare for entry in programs such as Medical Assisting, Medical Lab Technician, Radiographic Technician, Medical Office Assistant, Fitness Training and Sports Medicine (Personal Trainer, Activity Assistant, Athletic Trainer, or Physical Therapist) or Nursing/EMT (Emergency Medical Technician, Registered Nurse, Paramedic) and other related fields.  Students will study Medical Terminology, Patient Care Skills, Phlebotomy Technology, General Medical Office Procedures, Basic EKG, Advanced Nursing Skills, and Anatomy & Physiology.  In addition, students will participate in two internships at Fairfield Medical Center.  Students may obtain college credit with partners in the heart of Ohio Tech Prep consortium and gain CPR and First Aid certification.

_____  Integrated Systems Technology:  STANBERY – Rooms 103 & 104

Integrated Systems Technology employees are highly skilled professionals.  Working closely with electrical, mechanical or manufacturing engineers, they provide input and leadership into the development, design, fabrication, and installation of the equipment they maintain.  These individuals have a broad range of highly marketable skills in electrical/electronics, machining, automated systems, robotics, welding, and fluid power applications.  They enjoy nearly unlimited opportunities in industry, manufacturing, hospitals, malls, schools, amusement parks and anywhere mechanical, electrical and automated systems are found.  Noted advancement can be enjoyed with post-secondary education in a related field

_____  Marketing:  LHS – Room 501-2                                                        *This program is offered to SENIORS ONLY

Marketing Essentials is designed to provide career opportunities in marketing that are found in domestic and international businesses, organizations, offices, and agencies of all types and sizes.  This course offers study in the foundation areas of Business, Management, and Entrepreneurship, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Economics, and Professional Development.  In addition, this study focuses on the seven functional areas of marketing:  Selling, Distribution, Product/Service Management, Promotion, Pricing, Financing, and Marketing Information Management.  This course is ideally suited for the college-bound student who wants a better understanding of business and marketing concepts, effective team-working skills, and preparation to accept a leadership role in an organization.  Students in this program will work an average of 15 hours per week in a paid, marketing-related position where they will apply their marketing skills under the supervision of the program coordinator.