In Multimedia I, students will begin building their photography and videography skills through various activities, field trips, and situations that will immerse them in real world applications of these skills. While building their photography and videography skills, students will gain knowledge of art and business and begin to gain skills with audio, graphic design, and image editing. Much of the knowledge obtained and skills learned will be used in conjunction with each other to create large productions and products. 


Multimedia II students will continue their learning with graphic design, print production, and web design. Like Multimedia I, students will be immersed in a variety of hands on experiences that will help them to master skills both new and old. Multimedia II students will also apply the knowledge and skills they obtained in Multimedia I to create professional level productions and products. The goal for Multimedia II students at the end of the program is to have a portfolio full of work they can use for job interviews and admittance into a college level program similar to Multimedia.