Career Exploration


Today's students need to be prepared for tomorrow's world.  To be a vital part of the work place of tomorrow, Career and Technical education must keep pace with rapid changes taking place.  Career and Technical programs such as Career Exploration, must teach, provide, develop and import the flexibility and technical competence.  Young workers will need to insure these qualities to ensure a productive, successful future.


Career Exploration is a one year program for high school seniors that combines on-the-job work experience with classroom instruction.  Students are prepared for entry level employment in one of the many trade skilled or health occupations, not taught as a Career and Technical  offering at LancasterHigh School.


Students attend school for a minimum of four periods a day, and with the assistance of the program coordinator, obtain employment in the community.  Here they receive training in the occupation of their choice or they have the opportunity to advance to their desired work within a reasonable length of time.


Career Exploration is a highly individualized program, based on job analysis of the skills required for proficiency of an occupation, and the need of local employment positions.  Cooperative planning by the teacher/coordinator and area employers provide an individually tailored program of job experience and related instruction to meet the student's needs.


Using classroom instruction and on-the-job training, students gain knowledge through individual study of their trade area and general study of work-related information.  Students apply scientific, mathematical, and technical knowledge to their specific occupation, while viewing problems of productivity, technology, income management, human relations, citizenship, and job safety that are common to all occupations.


Upon completion of the Career Exploration program, graduates should be able to enter a job in the occupation of their choice, or be admitted to a technical school or college to continue their education, possessing the aptitude and background necessary to be successful in their field. 


Career Exploration is a one year program for high school seniors, sixteen years of age or older, looking for a career in skilled or semi-skilled trade, industrial, or health occupations.  The related class meets daily for 90 minutes or 7.5 hours per week.  Students spend an average of 15 hours per week in on-the-job training, to accumulate 540 hours of instruction at their work sites.  Students are in session for 184 days at LancasterHigh School, with 90% attendance required in related instruction.


Career Exploration, working with students and the community for the betterment of both.