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Welcome to First Grade. I am Mrs. Harrison and this is my third year teaching  first grade at Medill. I am from England and taught there for five years. I have been married for eleven years and have two daughters, eight and five.

Spelling words – Unit 2 Week 1
1.does 2.her 4.they 5.two
8.use 9.very 10.hop 12.log 13.hog 15.lot

Students will learn to identify the main idea in a text, (what the text is mostly about).
Students will learn to identify details in a text.
Students will learn to identify nouns.
Phonics- Short O, as in hot, log, rod.
MATH – Topic 4 Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10.
Students will learn to
·         Add with 0,1,2.
·         Recognize doubles as a strategy for remembering sums.
Recognize near doubles
Science-We will contin
ue to learn about the human body and will be learning about how scientists use tools.
Parent conferences begin this week.

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